Monday, February 7, 2011

Lain yang ditunggu Lain yang datang...

Tujuan balik kerumah adalah untuk tidak terlalu mengingati apa yang ditunggu dan untuk menenangkan fikiran, but waiting for other, another problem comes to me..

But I am still waiting a calling from this ******* company until now. 

yesterday I am still in shocked coz when I am still selecting shirt to buy, someone come in to me and asking either I want to become a *****. Wow, that awesome. how can I am graduated from local university begin a career with that company with an amazing job. So, that person and I change a card for further contact. He said, he can help me through interview by malay word 'rekemen' me for further step. if I success, that company send me to Canada for training. Wow!! that amazing.

So, I send an email to him for next step. But this morning someone from I don't know what recruiting company called me asking for a job. Wow!! again. He asked me what kind of job do you want it. So I said it bla bla and bla. So that person say to me they will find a suitable job for me and will call me back soon to tell me what kind of job suitable for me.

For the conclusion, I must waiting and be patient to do the next step so I can build a better career.

I pray to Allah for His guidance through all of this.

*Skang ni nak try gune english lak..saya tau english saya teruk, so saya mesti cube sedaya upaya supaya improve.
*tanda *** diatas terpaksa dirahsiakan atas sebab yang diminta oleh orang yang memintanya supaya tidak menghebahkannya. so If I confirm for that job, I will announce it later. Thanks.

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